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Way of The Shadow Wind Ninjutsu Private Dojo

Way of The Shadow Wind Ninjutsu Private Dojo

Way of The Shadow Wind Ninjutsu Private Dojo Way of The Shadow Wind Ninjutsu Private Dojo

To-Shin Do Self-Enlightenment


Every moment of your life is filled with a swirl of choices. For any one thing that you do, think, or say, there is an infinite array of other possibilities that you could just as well have chosen. You build your life one choice  at a time. The "you" that you know is really a mosaic composed of the results of these countless individual choices in life up to this moment.

As a human being, you can allow these life choices to play themselves out in one of two ways. You can permit others to make the choices for you, by means of their environmental influences or even direct orders. This is the passive path through life. Though easy to fall into,  such a life of foggy  and unexamined auto-pilot beliefs and actions is a tragic waste of potential. 

Once you identify with that first inkling of the grander possibilities that lie innate within you, you cannot help but be pulled onto the path of consciousness. To follow the path of awakening to the fullest significance of purposeful living, it is important to recognize the truth that:

  • You must first become a seeker of advancement; no one else can motivate you.
  • It is your birthright to experience a full, rich, and rewarding existence, in harmony with your inner potentials and the world you perceive as external to yourself. 
  • You are capable of claiming that birthright for yourself, beginning right now, regardless of the condition of your life. It is never "the wrong time to begin".
  • Self-realization can only be set into motion by you yourself. No one else can activate it for you.

By An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes